Metal-free Fillings at Loughton Dental Spa

Mercury-free dentistry

In the state of California, it is compulsory for the dentist to display a health warning about the possible effect of mercury/amalgam fillings.

In the UK, The Department of Health issued a warning in 1998 to pregnant women to avoid having dental amalgam fillings during pregnancy to avoid causing possible harm to the foetus.

At Loughton Dental Spa we will not knowingly place amalgam fillings in those who are pregnant or nursing and will advise you of alternatives at all times.


Porcelain veneers and componeers

A porcelain veneer is a thin layer of porcelain laminate which is fitted over the surface of a tooth to provide a natural and pleasing appearance. After assessing suitability for this type of treatment there will be minimum shaping of mainly the front aspect of your tooth and at your second visit to us, your veneers will be bonded to your teeth, completing your new smile.

A Componeer is a 'same day' veneer which combines the advantages of direct composite restorations with those of lab-made veneers.

With componeers, quality, cosmetically-pleasing restorations up to the premolar teeth can be performed in just a single session.

The thin but strong nano-hybrid composite material allows the minimum of tooth preparation and the shiny and naturally designed surface adds a natural lustre to your smile. If you are unhappy smiling because of gaps or crooked teeth speak to one of our dentists - componeers may be the perfect solution for you.

Replacement of old veneers with componeers by K. Dhanjal

Benefits of componeers

  • Attractive teeth in one visit

  • Very little removal of tooth structure

  • Individual, customised shaping of front teeth

  • High quality veneering material which is highly resistant to staining

  • Shine can be refreshed by polishing if it dulls


Componeers are also a more economical alternative to porcelain veneers and have the advantage of often being repairable in the unfortunate event of chipping or fracturing.


By restoring your old teeth, crowns preserve functionality and improve your smile. Crowns are commonly known as caps because they sit over your existing teeth.


Read more about crowns, bridges and veneers.


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